Should Gaming Community Managers be Men?

If you are a big Call of Duty fan you will already know that Tina Palacios was recently announced as the new Senior Community manager for the Call of Duty community at Infinity Ward. This certainly seems to have stirred up a vocal response from some gamers, most prominent were the negative comments about her being a female.

I’m not a gamer, so don’t really know the nuances that make up specific gaming communities. However what I do know is that gaming fans are a culture all of there own, and they don’t pull any punches. So whilst Community Managers need a thick skin at the best of times, they’d better be all armoured up to go into the gamers fray when they are all wound up about something. But does being a female make a someone any less of a good gaming community manager? Personally I do not believe so. For instance I know men that manage communities that are primarily targeted toward women, and vice versa. So a passion for the topic, and experience managing communities (of any type) should count for something. However many of the naysayers made their negative comments without even knowing Tina’s background. They’ve just assumed that as a women she won’t know or understand their gaming community.

You can read the some of the reactions in forums here:

And comments abound on Twitter, amongst them:

While I did see many positive comments on Twitter about Tina’s appointment the negative comments about her gender did make me stop and take stock. Are these comments a vocal minority? Only time will tell, but I would be interested to read what you think. So my question to you is this – Do you agree/disagree that men make better Gaming Community Managers than women? If so why/why not?


(Image: J from the UK, via Flickr Creative Commons Usage)


  1. @alenrybi says:

    Imho gaming is a way too broad definition here, as we are talking about a shooter here, and yes, a girl in this position looks weird as the concept of shooters appeals to the vety manly, testosterone driven image of users. In some MMORPG a gender of a CM wouldn’t be such a big deal. Good luck to Tina, I am sure she is great, but it will definitely take hermore efforts to vain respect oc those users than it would take a male CM


    • You are quite right I don’t mean gaming in the broad sense of the world, but rather the FPS games such as Call of Duty etc. As you put it the type of games we generally associate with “testosterone driven image of users.”

  2. @alenrybi says:

    Wow, so much mistyping! Sorry, was commenting via the phone
    * take her more efforts to gain respect of those users

  3. Richard says:

    Very interesting to see the reaction to it, however most of the gaming CMs I know of and follow on twitter are female, mainly including the CM for 343 Industries who create the Halo series. I think it shows just how young the Call of Duty audience is now, as when I was at a gaming expo in April the 343i CM knew and had huge support from a predominately male audience at the panel she was on. Might not have been the same story a few years ago when Halo 2 was the big game for younger audiences.

  4. Wow, talk about trial by fire. Looks like she’s going to have to prove herself to a tough crowd; but she can’t have been surprised by the reaction. Hopefully she has a passion for the game and will earn their respect.

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